Maddison shines at $342 million Nowra Bridge project

Former NSW soccer representative Maddison Rowe has scored the goal of a lifetime, earning high praise for involvement in the Nowra Bridge Pre-Employment Program.

At 24 years of age, her athletic ability shone throughout the three-month course, assisted by Fulton Hogan and Fusion Training Solutions.

But it was her positive attitude and desire to shoot for the stars in the construction sector which captured the attention of staff and students.

The three-month course involved hands-on training on the $342 million Nowra Bridge project, under the guidance of astute trainer Maison Acton.

“It was a rewarding course, where I learned a lot about construction,” Maddison said.

“I woke with a smile on my face each day, knowing that I was going somewhere that was rewarding and would help with my career,”

Maddison, of Shoalhaven Heads, represented NSW in U18s as an outstanding footballer. She also enjoys motorbike riding.

“I have 12 cousins, they’re all boys,” she said.

“Thankfully, I love the outdoors and I enjoy spending time and hanging out with my cousins. I guess football and motorbikes come with all that.”

Maddison has also spent time working in the childcare industry, where she was a runner-up at the recent NSW Traineeship Childcare Awards.

We, at Fusion, wish her all the best in her future career!


Students graduate from Nowra Bridge Pre-Employment Program

A keen group of Indigenous students from the South Coast have drilled, nailed and chiselled their way to a future in the rewarding construction sector, following an impressive involvement based at the $342 million Nowra Bridge project.

Backed by powerful construction firm Fulton Hogan and training provider Fusion Training Solutions, 11 hard-working students recently graduated from the Nowra Bridge Pre-Employment Program.

The three-month course provided the graduates with knowledge and hands-on skills such as handling construction materials, construction tools and equipment.

Other course activities focused on life skills, workplace behaviour and reliability.

With a smile as wide as the bridge itself, Fusion director Andrew Park described the rewarding course as a “win-win” for students and employers.

“It’s a fantastic and ongoing opportunity to gain meaningful employment,” he said.

“I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and it’s a new era of being able to train, engage and keep people in employment, and embed that employment as a legacy.”

Fulton Hogan Workforce Development and Training Manager Andrew Craig was confident of a prosperous future for the graduating students.

“I acknowledge all you fine people who have graduated from this program,” he said.

Student Maddison Rowe, 24, of Shoalhaven Heads, said the course was beneficial. She further encouraged others to follow in upcoming programs run by Fusion.

“I woke with a smile on my face each day, knowing that I was going somewhere that was rewarding and would help with my career,” she said.

Fellow student Robert Simpson-McLeod, 22, of Nowra, added: “It was helpful to learn the skills and knowledge that comes with construction.”

The bridge project, funded by the Federal and NSW Liberal and Nationals governments, aims to improve traffic flow and ease congestion on the major section of the Princes Highway. It’s estimated about 50,000 motorists cross the Shoalhaven River each day.

The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-2024, weather permitting.


Fusion wins major accolade at NSW Training Awards

A devotion towards assisting Indigenous youth with training on the massive $580 million Berry Bypass project has propelled Wollongong-based Fusion Training Solutions (FTS) into the limelight, earning a prestigious accolade at the 2020 NSW Training Awards.

Held last Friday, the awards recognise the outstanding work of training providers across NSW – and it was FTS and their devotion to the Indigenous which captured the attention.

Pitted against two impressive NSW TAFE entrants in the NSW Industry Collaboration Award, FTS grabbed the honours through a successful collaboration with Fulton Hogan.

The connection featured students from FTS working on-site at the Fulton Hogan project during the early stages of the multi-million project.

The collaboration was a “win-win” for students, connecting them with further training opportunities and employment according to FTS director Andrew Park.

“As a driving force in the training industry we are delighted to receive this award, and in the process assist our students through knowledgeable training alongside Fulton Hogan,” he said.

“We were also able to assist a significant number of female students who took the vital steps from pre-employment to employment through the course.

“Our emphasis was on ‘hands-on’ pre-employment training to ensure all students had the practical knowledge and skills to enter the workforce in a prepared and ‘job-ready’ manner.”


Robert dances his way to graduation success

Robert Simpson-McLeod has put his best foot forward – along with a few dance moves of his own – to complete the Nowra Bridge Pre-Employment Program.

Backed by Fusion Training Solutions and construction firm Fulton Hogan, Robert joined 10 other graduates recently who earned a certificate through the $342 million Nowra Bridge project.

An avid dancer with an eye on the construction industry, the 22-year-old Nowra resident was impressive with his approach and determination to succeed.

“It was helpful to learn the skills and knowledge that comes with building,” he said.

“I enjoyed all things throughout the program. Thank you to Fusion.”

Robert is also a keen member of South Coast cultural dance group Djiriba Waagura, which means two crows.

The group describes itself with an ‘aim to revitalise and strengthen Aboriginal culture by providing captivating cultural experiences that inspire connectedness, empower local communities and foster both educational and personal growth’.

Robert said he enjoyed performing with the group throughout NSW.

“It’s something that I’m very proud of. It’s rewarding to perform with Djiriba Waagura,” he said.

“I hope to continue dancing and further my career in construction. The Pre-Employment Program with Fusion is a great start.”

Building the blocks to a career in landscaping

An outstanding group of students has built the foundation towards a future career after completing a landscaping course under the direction of trainer Russell Abbot (pictured).

The seven students finished the rewarding course in late August, earning a Certificate II in Landscaping. They also earned the praise of their trainer.

“It was a positive journey for all those involved. They learned a lot,” Russell said.

“They took to the course like a duck to water. They were outstanding.”

The 16-week course included the laying of pavers, planting of trees and shrubs, and operating basic machinery and equipment.

A promising student, Maya (pictured), encouraged others to undertake a landscaping course.

“It’s was an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for everyone,” she said.

The students undertook theory work in the warehouse of Fusion’s Wollongong premises, which enhanced their knowledge with hands-on work on the outside grounds.

The landscaping qualification provides pathways towards landscaping and labouring occupations, and apprenticeships. It is an ideal entry level qualification for early school leavers to gain a fundamental knowledge for an outdoor working environment.

For more information log onto or phone 1300 643 484.

Thomas goes full steam

Thomas Green, 23, can thank Fusion for steering him in the right direction and helping to secure employment with K&S Corporation Limited.

A delighted Mr Green received the green light as a causal driver after earning his HR licence and completing a Certificate II in Driving Operations.

Recently employed, the enthusiastic driver is often relied upon to work a 12-hour shift. And it’s a role which he is relishing.

“I’d never thought I’d do something like this, but with a bit of encouragement from Fusion I’m enjoying my job and getting used to the hours and roster,” he said.

Mr Green has previously spent five years working for a local frame and truss company, but wanted a new challenge.

That’s when Fusion stepped in.

“I recommend the course. It is Government-funded and when I heard about it I jumped at the chance,” Mr Green said.

“There are more opportunities to do work at K&S and this includes doing some trips interstate. I’m enjoying the work.”


Fusion assists bush fire ravaged regions

Fusion Training Solutions is reaching out to assist those in training and employment throughout bushfire-ravaged areas on the NSW South Coast.

Fusion CEO Andrew Park said the NSW Government initiative – in assistance with Fuson – was a “win-win” for everyone involved.

“The Government is supporting industries and communities needing more skilled workers to rebuild communities and support displaced workers or business severely impacted by the bushfires through funding various training courses,” he said.

A wide range of training is available, including chain-sawing, job-seeking skills, plan skills development, safe work practices, tree felling, and white card (construction).

The courses offered by Fusion include ‘Work Safety at Heights’, ‘Construction’, ‘Plan Skills Development’ in the Merimbula region, and ‘Chain Saw and Fell Trees’ in the Cooma region.

A State Government spokesperson said the support from Fusion Training Solutions was invaluable towards these communities.

“Employers have reported a significant downturn in business or lost revenue impacting their ability to retain their apprentices or trainees due to the bushfires,” the spokesperson said.

“Learners and employers have taken time off work, lost equipment or uniforms or have had their employment and studies interrupted by the personal impact from the bushfires.

“This initiative supports local economies through the recovery and rebuilding efforts in both the short and long term.”

Training is available through the Smart and Skilled Targeted Priorities Prevocational and Part Qualifications program.

Information: email or phone 4228 3588.



Tye ties up future career

With a few tools in one hand and an abundance of passion in the other, Tye Smith is carving out a career in bridge construction with the assistance of Fusion Training Solutions.

Under blue skies trainer, Mick Mather recently visited Tye on-site recently which resembled more of an archaeological dig rather than fixing a historic bridge that was in desperate need of repair in the Snowy-Monaro region.

Mick said his student was excelling in his role and praised the hard work of those involved, including the ongoing role of Fusion Training Solutions.

“Today I was up in the high country for the Snowy Monaro Council with Certificate III bridge construction trainee Tye,” he said.

“Today was about formwork and concrete structure inspection. This was a 70-year-old bridge with rotten girders and had a 10cm drop to one side and was failing fast, so a temporary bridge is being in place and will take two months to complete.”

Currently, the bridge has old wooden supports, which in time will finish with a steel structure thanks to the hard work of Tye and his workers.

Wonderful women excel

Six adventurous women have embarked on a journey in Civil Construction with Fusion.

The exceptional women have added a breath of fresh air to the male-dominated trades’ industry, and are hoping to complete their course with flying colours.

Located in the Batemans Bay area, the energetic women have big plans to succeed under the instruction of trainer Mick Mather.

“These are six wonderful ladies, working hard to get into civil construction,” Mick said.

“It’s great to see women taking an interest in the trade industry.

“I’m seeing more women signing up for courses, and the Batemans Bay area is a great place to forge a career.”

Fusion Training Solutions often runs Civil Construction courses. For more information phone 4228 3588.


Maison leads by example

Enduring adversity and turning it into a positive life experience is a key strength behind the success of professional trainer Maison Acton.

Each day Maison shares his experiences and knowledge towards assisting

students to excel in their chosen path and to further their chances of employment.

His devotion, training, and exceptional advice has rewarded countless students.

However, seven years ago the energetic 25-year-old saw his career choices differently.

A horrific and untimely car accident resulted in a change of lifestyle.

Instead of being behind the tools as the ultimate on-the-job professional, Maison opted to teach his valuable life lessons and become a trainer with Fusion.

“The way I became involved in the training sector was due to an extensive injury to my hand. This was just as I was making myself available in the industry,” he said.

“At the time I attended a career and job exhibition, having just finished a part-qualification in hospitality.

“It was here where I was asked to speak about my story and was offered a job with Fusion. I have been here ever since.”

Despite the unfortunate injury, Maison has grasped his chance at Fusion with

both hands.

“Before I started working as a trainer I was an apprentice plumber, which due to my injury I had to cancel, unfortunately,” he said.

“Prior to this, I’ve had quite a range of jobs from concreting, fencing, water-proofing, carpentry, and a variety of laboring jobs.

“The most enjoying part of working with Fusion is that it allows me the opportunity to connect with people from all different backgrounds, and I can help them progress and create their future choices and employment opportunities.”

A keen motorbike rider with a passion for 4×4 driving, Maison spends much of his spare time fishing and spearfishing.

“I have a little saying I live by, that is ‘make excuses or make changes ‘ – and that’s the same thing I tell all my students.,” he said.

“Anyone can make an excuse why they can’t do something, but everyone can also make the change to be able to do it.”