Maison leads by example

Enduring adversity and turning it into a positive life experience is a key strength behind the success of professional trainer Maison Acton.

Each day Maison shares his experiences and knowledge towards assisting

students to excel in their chosen path and to further their chances of employment.

His devotion, training, and exceptional advice has rewarded countless students.

However, seven years ago the energetic 25-year-old saw his career choices differently.

A horrific and untimely car accident resulted in a change of lifestyle.

Instead of being behind the tools as the ultimate on-the-job professional, Maison opted to teach his valuable life lessons and become a trainer with Fusion.

“The way I became involved in the training sector was due to an extensive injury to my hand. This was just as I was making myself available in the industry,” he said.

“At the time I attended a career and job exhibition, having just finished a part-qualification in hospitality.

“It was here where I was asked to speak about my story and was offered a job with Fusion. I have been here ever since.”

Despite the unfortunate injury, Maison has grasped his chance at Fusion with

both hands.

“Before I started working as a trainer I was an apprentice plumber, which due to my injury I had to cancel, unfortunately,” he said.

“Prior to this, I’ve had quite a range of jobs from concreting, fencing, water-proofing, carpentry, and a variety of laboring jobs.

“The most enjoying part of working with Fusion is that it allows me the opportunity to connect with people from all different backgrounds, and I can help them progress and create their future choices and employment opportunities.”

A keen motorbike rider with a passion for 4×4 driving, Maison spends much of his spare time fishing and spearfishing.

“I have a little saying I live by, that is ‘make excuses or make changes ‘ – and that’s the same thing I tell all my students.,” he said.

“Anyone can make an excuse why they can’t do something, but everyone can also make the change to be able to do it.”