Tye ties up future career

With a few tools in one hand and an abundance of passion in the other, Tye Smith is carving out a career in bridge construction with the assistance of Fusion Training Solutions.

Under blue skies trainer, Mick Mather recently visited Tye on-site recently which resembled more of an archaeological dig rather than fixing a historic bridge that was in desperate need of repair in the Snowy-Monaro region.

Mick said his student was excelling in his role and praised the hard work of those involved, including the ongoing role of Fusion Training Solutions.

“Today I was up in the high country for the Snowy Monaro Council with Certificate III bridge construction trainee Tye,” he said.

“Today was about formwork and concrete structure inspection. This was a 70-year-old bridge with rotten girders and had a 10cm drop to one side and was failing fast, so a temporary bridge is being in place and will take two months to complete.”

Currently, the bridge has old wooden supports, which in time will finish with a steel structure thanks to the hard work of Tye and his workers.