What is NSW Smart & Skilled?

Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. It’s helping people in NSW get the skills they need to find a job and advance their careers.

Fusion Training Solutions are a NSW Smart & Skilled contracted Registered Training Organisation (RTO). That means the NSW Government subsidises our delivery of training to you.

To be eligible for Smart and Skilled training you must be:

  • 15 years or over
  • No longer at school
  • Living or working in NSW
  • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen

There are also some exceptions to the eligibility conditions described above, such as for Aboriginal people who live in specific, defined areas outside the NSW border.

All training fees depend on your personal circumstances. If you are a recipient of government benefits, have a disability or are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you may be eligible for fee free* or a concession price.

To ensure that we are being upfront with our students, you will see the maximum fee for your courses when you enrol (assuming this is your 1st Qualification). Unfortunately we cannot assess your actual fee until you have completed your enrolment and we can process your specific circumstances. If you would like to discuss your possible fee before enrolling please don’t hesitate to call us directly. After your enrolment we will contact you directly to detail any fees owing. If you are unable to make payment for the training fee, we do allow for payment plans, or instalment plans to assist the student with the fees.

If you already hold one or more qualifications, you’re administration fee may be slightly higher than the maximum highlighted on our enrolment portal. If you want to confirm your estimate prior to enrolling you can either contact us and request a quote for your specific circumstances or you can access Training NSW’s Smart and Skilled website which will allow you to estimate your fee’s based on your circumstances. Just follow the link below and click on the Fee Estimate button.

The link below will open the Smart and Skilled Fee Policy PDF, which will provide a detailed look at the fee options for students.