Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


The information provided in this application form will be used by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the purpose of general participant administration, planning and communication.

The information contained herein may be provided to governing agencies that fund and/or accredit this course. The provision of this information is essential to determine your eligibility for a place in this course.

You consent to RTO obtaining all personal information necessary for the purpose of your application and course.

The RTO abides by the Australian Privacy Principles with regard to storing of your details. Information provided will be held securely. Refer to the Privacy Policy for further information or http://www.oaic.gov.au/.

By submitting this form you understand and will adhere to RTO and the relevant state Department of Education and Training policies.



  1. “Fees” shall mean the Fees payable for the Course as agreed or negotiated between RTO and the Payer.
  2. “Course Materials” shall mean all Course Materials supplied by RTO to the Student for the purposes of training and assessment in a specified Course.
  3. “Course” shall mean any Course provided by RTO to the Student as described on the invoices, applications, enrolment forms or any other forms as provided by RTO to the Student, and shall include any training, advice or recommendations.
  1. “Payer” shall mean the parent, legal guardian, person, school or entity (business) that agrees herein to be liable for the debts of the Student on a principal debtor basis, and is the person responsible for payment of the Fee.
  2. “Student” shall mean the individual currently enrolled or applying for enrolment in a Course with the RTO.
  3. The Registered Training Organisation “RTO” shall mean Local Training Services trading as Walan Miya, its successors and assigns or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of mean Innovative mean Local Training Services trading as Walan Miya.



  1. Where the Student is less than eighteen (18) years of age, a parent or legal guardian must be identified and jointly responsible for contractual arrangements concerning the Course. A guardian should be living with and/or have constant communication with the Student. Any information regarding the Student (including, but not limited to, change of address) should be known by the guardian and should be relayed to RTO.
  1. Any instructions received by the RTO from the Student or Guardian relating to the Course and/or the Student’s acceptance of the Course provided by RTO shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.
  1. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Student or Guardian, the terms and conditions are binding and can only be amended with the written consent of the RTO.
  1. The Payer and trainee must take all responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations of the course, training or Traineeship.
  2. RTO shall not be liable for changes in personal circumstances that prevent the Student from attending or completing the Course.
  3. The RTO shall not be held liable, to any person or business, for loss or damage suffered due to any unauthorized actions on the part of the RTO’s employees or partners.
  4. All enrolment details will be provided by the Student, as requested, and returned to RTO.
  5. All attendance and assessment requirements must be completed in order for the Student to be eligible for issuance of relevant awards and qualifications.


Funded Courses

  1. All funding and incentives are determined and provided by relevant stakeholders and funding bodies including but not limited to State and Federal Governments.
  2. Funding and/or incentives available to assist in the payment of training Fees is ascertained by the funding body using specific eligibility criteria.
  3. The RTO is not responsible for any student not being eligible for the receipt of such funding nor does the lack of funding negate the requirement of the Student or Payer to pay training Fees as outlined by the RTO.


Personal and Contact Details

  1. The Student shall be obligated to notify the RTO of any change in the Student’s name and/or any other detail (including but not limited to, changes in the Student’s address, telephone number or email address) as soon as practicable. The Student shall be liable for any loss incurred by the RTO as a result of the Student’s failure to comply with this clause.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and National Recognition

  1. Recognition of Prior Learning (“RPL”) is available on the provision of verification by the Student to the RTO prior to the commencement of the Course. The Student may ask for RPL if they believe that they already have the skills and knowledge that will be taught and assessed in a Unit of Competency.
  2. The Student must complete an application form and must attach copies of any supporting documentation, with the student to allow seven to fourteen (7-14) days for the processing of application claims.
  3. The RTO shall recognise any AQF qualification granted by another Australian Registered Training Organisation free of charge. Where the Student wishes to apply for exemption for competencies grained at another RTO (cross credit transfer), the Student shall provide certified copies of an award granted upon or prior enrolment.


Unique Student Identifier

  1. The student shall be obligated, upon enrolment, to notify the RTO of their Unique Student Identifier(“USI”).
  2. The RTO will be unable to issue a student with any certification unless a valid USI has been provided for the student (or the RTO is able to retrieve a valid USI from external sources).


Trainee Fees and Refund Policy

  1. Under certain circumstances, refunds may apply to students who have paid the required training fees, but for certain reasons are unable to commence or complete the training program. All refund applications are administered and approved by the company Director.
  2. The RTO management guarantees the organisation’s sound financial position and safeguards that training fees are only deemed to be cleared and available when the training/assessment services have been rendered.
  3. Should the RTO cancel any training program, all participants are entitled to a full refund or a transfer of the funds paid to another training program.


Delivery of the Course

  1. Failure by the RTO to deliver any part of the Course shall not entitle either party to treat this contract as repudiated (“void”).